NBA Season: Who You Should Support

After a two-month hiatus, the NBA is back. It starts with a couple of preseason games. Then ahead of the start of the regular season that begins on the 22nd of December. With that in mind, I thought that I would give you all some NBA teams I think you should support. However, it is based on your personality. So, if you see an NBA team’s description that matches your personality, that is who you will be staying up till five o’clock in the morning to watch. If you have work in the morning you can at least check the NBA app to see if they won. Here we go:

New York Knicks: You have not been a good person for over twenty years, but you are extremely popular.

Los Angeles Lakers: All you and your ancestors do is win in life, generational wealth and you are chasing historic greatness at your job.

Los Angeles Clippers: You are tired of seeing your older sibling outshine you, you have got your act together recently, but they still do better than you.

Brooklyn Nets: You work just as hard as anybody to be the best and often feel disrespected, but you believe this year will be successful.

Denver Nuggets: You are coming up in your job, a very scrappy employee who is willing to do whatever for the office.

Boston Celtics: You are making your way to the top after coming from a family of high achievers and you live in a largely white area.

Toronto Raptors: You come from another country and you have found some success. Your country has some really popular musicians.

Milwaukee Bucks: You have overcome a lot in life, you are chasing greatness but have fallen short recently despite some good work. Extremely likeable and we are rooting for you.

Atlanta Hawks: You recently came into some money which means you have gone out and spent money on a whole bunch of things to look good.

Portland Trail Blazers: We respect your loyalty to your friends and family. It seems like that may ultimately be your downfall but those are your principles, and we love that about you.

Chicago Bulls: You used to be so great but overtime something changed. Now we do not know what to make of you.

Phoenix Suns: You recently acquired a wise old adviser to help you make better decisions in life.

Indiana Pacers/San Antonio Spurs: You are a bit boring. Do not get me wrong we respect that you are always there, but we rarely ever look at you.

Steph and Klay have suffered season-ending injuries recently and Klay Thompson is out for this season

Golden State Warriors: You had a sensational run in secondary school, sixth form, and University. In the last couple of years, you have stumbled a little bit. It is not your fault, you have not done anything personally, it is just bad luck. However, we all know you will be back soon, and we cannot wait.

Houston Rockets: You also had a good run in secondary school and sixth form. However, you seem to be struggling at University, as you tried to keep up with the Warriors. However, you are beginning to implode on the inside.

Utah Jazz: You live in a weird area where not much happens, but all your friends know you are always available if needed.

Minnesota Timberwolves: You live in an extremely cold area in an apartment with one of your best friends.

Miami Heat: You have always been tough as nails, gained our respect for how smart and hard you work. Your work ethic is inspired by your parents.

Charlotte Hornets: Your dad is filthy rich. He has every person’s respect, but you cannot get your act together.

Oklahoma City Thunder: You have made a lot of smart decisions for a long time in your life, but some people always seem to make smarter decisions.

Orlando Magic: We accept you for who you are, but we do not know who that is, hopefully, you can figure that out for us soon.

Cleveland Cavaliers: You have so many bad decisions in life. You made a good decision once by letting somebody amazing come into your life to try to help. However, you ruined it by treating them like garbage and not helping them help you. You saw they were happy with their new partner and you were suffering. So, you begged them to take you back and that you would do everything to make them happy. For a while, the reunion was a success. However, with time you just grew apart but there is mutual love and respect there.

Philadelphia 76ers: You have so much talent and we expect so much from you, but you are yet to realise your full potential.

Dallas Mavericks: You are on the rise in life. You surprised those around you with how good you were at your job. Now we expect you to one day become the CEO of the company. Your mum would brag about you a lot to anybody who would listen.

New Orleans Pelicans: You let a good woman go because you could not treat her right then you got blessed with another woman, so you are doing everything in your power to protect this new girl.

Sacramento Kings: Only God knows what is going on with you which is a shame because you live in a really nice area and we all secretly want to see you do well.

Memphis Grizzlies: You were so cool in school that even the people in the year above loved and respected you.

So which team will you be supporting?

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